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Support Small Business

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Not sure how you can support local small businesses, here's 3 ways!

1. Write a positive review

By doing this, you reassure others that their product or services are worth spending money on. You give their brand credibility.

2. Engage with them on social media

Social media is all about algorithms and the little 'gremlins' running it behind the scenes. By engaging with a small business you increase the number of eyes that their business is exposed to.

3. Buy from them

This is kind of obvious, but by you buying from your local small businesses, you're supporting families, and chances are they're in close distance to you, so (hopefully) the carbon footprint is smaller, and better for the environment - it's a win win. And don't forget everytime you buy from a small business, someone gets to do a happy dance💃🏽 big corporates don't do a happy dance when you buy from them! 😁

4. Don't forget to tip

And (more importantly) don't forget to tip them or their staff! A lot of hard work goes into running a small business, so the extra tip definitely goes a long way!

Do you have any other suggestions or tips on how to support small businesses? Comment below if you liked these tips and if you'd like more!

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